Life musings

Rationality and Religion had a kid (or is it the other way around?)

I’m trying to marry rationality and religion, but look at this quote, my wife posted it on the fridge without having any idea that I was thinking about this lately (It’s from one of my church leaders):

“Human judgment and logical thinking will not be enough to get answers to the questions that matter most in life. We need revelation from God.”

-President Henry B. Eyring

It essentially says not that I can’t marry the two, but I don’t need to. Revelation supersedes rationality. I can get straight to fully-known pre-qualified truth and knowing with a different kind (and more efficient) work than rational inference. (i.e. Revelation, spirit to spirit.)

God will transfer truth and knowing straight to my mind (with a lot of work, of course). Truths whose evidence cannot yet be seen, but can be known.

In that way, can testimony (or revelation) be empirical/experiential evidence? Witnessed/personally experienced through a sixth sense of “spiritual knowing”?

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