Microsoft OneDrive users: get out or upgrade before they delete your files!

ALERT! If you have Microsoft OneDrive, they just announced some rude changes. And if you don’t prepare, Microsoft may DELETE YOUR FILES.

“If after 1 year you fail to take action, your content may be deleted.”

First off, free accounts are being reduced from 15GB to 5GB. They say on their FAQ:

So, I do get my bonus storage?

But they also say “The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued. These changes will start rolling out in early 2016.”

My bonus storage: DENIED

Whats the difference between a bonus and a promotion? (Somebody with a marketing degree could tell me, but it is not immediately clear).

Second off, if you have the 100GB plan or the 200GB plan, those are both being removed and replaced with a whopping 50GB plan! Boo. (My wife currently has the 100GB plan for $1.99 a month…)

Third off, if you have the unlimited plan! …which is being cut down to 1 terabyte. Apparently people were storing 75 terabytes of movies and TV shows and…  Microsoft couldn’t handle the abusers. If you’re not prepared for abusers, don’t offer unlimited!

To simplify, you will now have 3 choices:

  • 5GB (Free)
  • 50GB ($1.99)
  • 1 Terabyte ($9.99)

If you have beyond those amounts saved (check your storage in the bottom left corner of the OneDrive home screen), you will need to save those files elsewhere. Microsoft says:

“If after 1 year you fail to take action, your content may be deleted.”

People are going to miss this, grandmas whose kids set them up are going to lose pictures of their grandbabies. They need a giant button that says: “Warning: Your storage is going to be reduced, click here to save excess files to your computer to save them from deletion.” Or, better, just grandfather the current users in the plan (like mobile companies do when they come out with a new plan). Don’t give the old plans to anyone new, but don’t punish previous consumer loyalty with file deletion.

I’ve really loved OneDrive. I love being able to open things in Word and click save and they automatically upload to the cloud. Now? Now I’m going to consider going somewhere else.

As Hook would say, “Bad Form!”



p.s. They say they’ll give you one free year of Office 365 with 1 Terabyte. Great! I can store even more stuff and have it get deleted because I won’t remember the specifics a year later! Oh and I’ll totally just fork up the extra dough, every month, to get past the hassle of saving.

p.p.s. If I have to have that hassle, I might just leave.

p.p.p.s Microsoft hates you

p.p.p.p.s Check out how Microsoft is trying to put out the fire like a dog peeing on a blazing skyscraper.

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