Power through Surrender

Obedience is surrendering your will. Becoming enveloped in the great divine will. Our own randomly aligned will/desires will only occasionally align with that which will make us happiest. We must be willing to give it all up, and all that will remain of our original us is the us that was good/headed in the right direction.

I know it’s hard to lose yourself, to think of giving up who you are, but if you’re only asked to give up the parts of you that will make you unhappy, why not?


Church Anxiety (or Sitting Anxiety)

My brain is abuzz with a billion thoughts. I sit in church and feel “Run away!” The seats are uncomfortable, my neck hurts, everything happens sooooooooo slow.

But, I feel a subtle calmness, a rest, a peace, even as my kids are driving me crazy and my body hurts, I feed an underlying and overlying (and side-planar-lying?) assurance.

The spirit is here, these things are true. I must learn to wait, to be patient as I am slowly spiritually fed. To accept my emotional and physical pain, to be still and know that God is aware of my pain, and if I just wait, I’ll make  it back to him, I’ll overcome my flaws.

Peace, be still. Wait. Persevere. Accept.

Be still and accept that God is in control of every facet, pain anxiety, timing, and those little measures of strength that are just enough to sustain me.

Stillness. Surrender. Acceptance. Patience.

Flexible Minds

Be willing to believe new things based off of new evidence (spiritual or physical). If not, why have beliefs at all? If you aren’t willing to change your mind, then you are doomed to the semi-random set of beliefs you begin with. Your thinking does not define reality nor does it change it. So, you should allow reality to define your beliefs.

Your thinking does not define reality nor does it change it. So, you should allow reality to define your beliefs.

That can include information received through the five senses, and through listening to the spirit. Be willing to believe, or your knowledge is doomed to the die roll of beliefs you get at birth, through the biased opinions of others, and the random quirks of your own mind and personality.

Blah, Website Reviewing

I’m writing a website review for a church-related project. Why do our websites have to suck? Can’t we do mo’ betta’?  Just every step of the way, ask “What does the user want/expect?” And then design it for them.

Don’t design it for yourself. Or in the easiest/cheapest way. Do things right the first time. You do not make a website to make a place for content or advertise a product. You make a website to fill a need.

In fact, that’s why we should do everything, to fill a need.