Church Anxiety (or Sitting Anxiety)

My brain is abuzz with a billion thoughts. I sit in church and feel “Run away!” The seats are uncomfortable, my neck hurts, everything happens sooooooooo slow. But, I feel a subtle calmness, a rest, a peace, even as my kids are driving me crazy and my body hurts, I feed an underlying and overlyingContinue reading “Church Anxiety (or Sitting Anxiety)”

Watching LDS General Conference (Big bi-annual religious meeting)

I like sitting on a couch listening to my religious leaders speak. (Not a big fan of the over 50 years old long-voweled choir, however.) I feel like sleeping I’m so relaxed. It’s not exciting, it’s not full of world-shattering revelations, but to hear these men and women speak of the spiritual experiences they’ve had,Continue reading “Watching LDS General Conference (Big bi-annual religious meeting)”

Blah, Website Reviewing

I’m writing a website review for a church-related project. Why do our websites have to suck? Can’t we do mo’ betta’?  Just every step of the way, ask “What does the user want/expect?” And then design it for them. Don’t design it for yourself. Or in the easiest/cheapest way. Do things right the first time.Continue reading “Blah, Website Reviewing”