Sometimes you can find more truth in fiction than in fact.

I write stories which:

  • Skirt the line between sci-fi and fantasy
  • Play with the principles of science and spirituality, apart and together
  • Talk about hard topics and bad events without reveling in them or being too graphic, where characters have appropriate emotional reactions to them
  • Cause readers to think deeply and ponder the mysteries of life and the universe
  • Are fun, funny, with engaging characters readers can root and cheer for

I love learning about rationality, fallacies, biases, and how the human mind works. I love writing about God, philosophy, knowledge, and research.

But most of all, I’ve got thoughts, and I’m gonna throw them out there. Hope you like some of them!

And lots of cool sword fights cause I’m still an 8-year old who loves giant robots and magic and dinosaurs. 😛


-Thomas Fawkes

Also, I’m a UX Researcher, here’s a link to my portfolio.

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