Agent/Editor/Author Style Index

A work in progress, and ONLY relating to sci-fi and fantasy. It was referenced in my blog post about the ridiculously complex shotgun-at-an-eagle method of finding an agent/editor suggested by others.

Essentially, a search bar where you can enter the style traits of your literature and it will come up with agents, editors, example books, and example authors so you can verify, so you can send your book to the right people.

Pity I’m going to have to use that shotgun-at-an-eagle method of finding an agent/editor in order to create this index. Well, maybe my work will help others, or at least serve as a model that others can copy.

More updates soon…

UPDATE 5/27/2016

I’m making this a google doc. Whoever wants to help others and/or benefit from this, go here: 

I suppose I could suggest that Writers Market just use this to improve their search. But I’ve worked in business long enough to know that this would take forever and cost a lot. So perhaps us aspiring or published writers contributing would yield faster and better results.

The sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction trait tags need to be created and defined. Any ideas? Please comment below.


The next step, after fleshing this out, is to make the data easily searchable. 🙂


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