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Thomas Fawkes is a fantasy writer of the epic, space, and science varieties. A total nutcase about grammar, physics, philosophy, rationality, logical fallacies and biases, and history. He combines his knowledge in these disciplines to create unique worlds and stories.

He works as an experience architect, mapping out the emotions of users through an experience. If you see a man with a fine-trimmed beard and luscious locks, it just might be him!

Favorite Book on writing: The Emotional Craft of Fiction.

This has been the best book on the writing craft I’ve ever read. It teaches you tactics for how to reach inside yourself and find your greatest emotional wells and how to use them in your story.

It teaches, with great detail and exercises, specific tactics for how to greatly increase the emotional impact of your every plotline. How to lay the seeds to make them stronger, elements to make them hurt even more, and, most importantly, how to make the ups and downs and reversals be strongest.

I use this book every time I outline, write, and revise a novel now. It will take your story elements, and make them more pronounced.

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