It’s Publishin’ Time!

Exciting news!

Two Masters publishing!

The big news is that I’m going to serially publish Two Masters! It’ll be coming soon to Wattpad and Royal Road. Here’s a peek at the cover:

And you can read the first chapter here! (links to the book on Wattpad and Royal Road coming soon!)


I will also be attending Superstars Writing Seminars. Not presenting there, but I’m still very excited!


Lastly, will be a panelist and Presenter at LTUE in Provo! Here is my schedule:

Twisted Science Thu Feb 16, 9:00 am

Introduction to Style Sheets Thu Feb 16, 10:00 am

Becoming a Great Podcaster Thu Feb 16, 11:00 am

Understanding Blender for Animation and Gaming Thu Feb 16, 4:00 pm

A Day in The Life of an Author | Moderator – Fri Feb 17, 11:00 am

Models of the Mind: Why we Need to Tell Stories | Presentation Fri Feb 17, 5:00 pm

Healing from Well-Crafted Stories Sat Feb 18, 11:00 am

Books That Save Lives (Not Self-Help) Sat Feb 18, 3:00 pm

Screenwriting for Novelists | Moderator – Sat Feb 18, 4:00 pm

If I Were the One to Choose the Classics Sat Feb 18, 6:00 pm


I’m super excited for this year, starting to publish a book, build an audience, and get my stuff out there! I am absolutely ready to kick this into high gear!


Thomas Fawkes


Published by Thomas Fawkes

Writer of fantasy for lovers of philosophy and physics. Booyah.

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