Bad Research example: Trump’s Media Survey

This is an example of how to analyze research as related to my blog post Recognizing Bad Social Research or News Articles. I swear I’ll analyze good examples too! But the bad ones are just such fun. 🙂 The other day I read a survey on Trump’s website that hurt my soul. It is leading, biased,Continue reading “Bad Research example: Trump’s Media Survey”

Recognizing Bad Social Research or News Articles

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article, ask yourself these questions every time you read some research or a news article: Did they recruit enough people from all appropriate groups to represent the population? (Recruiting) Did they ask non-biased and unleading questions which allow for neutral and other opinions? Did theyContinue reading “Recognizing Bad Social Research or News Articles”

Facebook and Google are putting you in a bubble

Someone on the radio the other day (NPR, perhaps?) pointed out that some groups think that the whole country is going to vote for their favorite presidential candidate while polls show that only about 20% of people are considering them. Why? Because: Facebook and Google, in their efforts to show content which they think we would like,Continue reading “Facebook and Google are putting you in a bubble”