Just keep submitting

The last “just keep” you need to add to your writing habits is “just keep submitting” read more on my blog.

How to discipline your creative brain

In short, rid yourself of the mindset that you have a Creative Brain and an Analytical Brain. Create a new mindset where you have 1 brain: A well-trained, well-practiced, and highly-disciplined Creative Brain.

Wait, after 25 drafts of a query, I have to write a synopsis too?

So, I’m here trying to write a synopsis for my novel to send with my submission packet. Yow my brain hurts! After writing 25 drafts of my query, I’m pretty sick of my story. Not that it’s a bad story, but after trying to describe it so many times it just feels like it’s aboutContinue reading “Wait, after 25 drafts of a query, I have to write a synopsis too?”

How do I find the right editor or agent?

So I’ve been searching for agents and editors, and sheesh this process is hard! First, I bought “2016 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market” and “2016 Guide to Literary Agents.” Then I went through the publishers and agencies that represented fantasy and I highlighted which ones I thought might be good (because they didn’t explicitlyContinue reading “How do I find the right editor or agent?”