I live for every spare moment with my wife

Why I think it’s odd that others look at me funny because I want to spend as much of my spare time with my wife as possible…


Debating the value of an idea or belief is not debating the value of the person who holds it.

Some people are willing to separate themselves from their ideas, while others are not. I have some acquaintances who are easy to discuss differences of opinion with, because they don’t take it personally. Others get frustrated when I question an idea. I don’t necessarily question because I disagree, but because I want to view it from […]

False progress activities (Getting nowhere, but working so hard!)

One thing we do when working towards a goal is something I will now coin “False Progress Activities.”  This is when we want to procrastinate the hard part of a goal (e.g. actually writing the darn query letter) and we instead focus on tasks that help, that are far easier, but give little progress. For example, […]

Rationality and Religion had a kid (or is it the other way around?)

I’m trying to marry rationality and religion, but look at this quote, my wife posted it on the fridge without having any idea that I was thinking about this lately (It’s from one of my church leaders): “Human judgment and logical thinking will not be enough to get answers to the questions that matter most […]